Siraaj Mohammed

Training with Kathy as my PT has absolutely transformed both my body and my outlook on fitness. She's a brilliant human being and the best coach I could've asked for.

Cynisca Personal Training initially caught my attention when I'd been attending the same gym as Kathy, who'd always been really friendly and open with sharing her vast knowledge of all things fitness.

I was totally new to the gym environment as a whole, and after a few months of very little progress towards my fitness goals, I realised I needed some assistance. I contacted Kathy and I can confidently say it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

The next time I was in the gym, we had an initial consultation in which we took some notes of my current stats, took some photos, and explored my fitness goals. By the next day, Kathy had formulated a 4-day workout plan which took perfect consideration of my time constraints (university studies meant I didn't have loads of time for gym) and what I wanted to get out of going to the gym. I also kindly received links to online tutorials which further explained the details of the type of plan I was on and the correct form for each exercise. This was all explained in simpler terms in person, but it was great to have something detailed that I could look back on afterwards.

The following weeks and months entailed absolutely fantastic sessions with Kathy. Somehow, in the same space of time that I'd usually be in the gym, I'd work harder, improve my form and even have more of a laugh than I usually would do by myself! I started to see significant visible results in around 6 weeks after we started (after some teething issues around my previous diet - we quickly sorted this out by tweaking macros and I'm still eating good food!). I've gone from totally avoiding the weights area out of fear of embarassment, to living for the bench and squat rack. The variety of exercises has been perfect too - from powerlifting moves to calisthenics-based workouts, I've had so much fun learning new things and getting fitter all the while.

For the fee I paid for an hourly session a week, I gained a super-motivational gym buddy, a totally personalised fitness plan and access to an insane amount of knowledge and experience. Incredible value for money. Best of all, I'm so much stronger, more mobile, healthier and more comfortable in my skin that I've ever been before.

Life-changing service and I couldn't recommend it more!