Here's a selection of testimonials from just a few of the people we have helped on their fitness journeys





As a pole dancer and aerialist, maintaining strength and flexibility is a must. I used to head to the gym 3 times a week but after majorly losing motivation I decided to seek out a personal trainer to help with my pole fitness goals and flexibility.

Previous personal trainers I've had have come across as disinterested and we'd end up just following a set schedule each week, very boring! I'd heard really good things about Kathy through the grapevine and decided to ping her a message. Initially I was interested in calisthenics and body weight exercises as it looked like it could really help with pole and aerial classes, however Kathy looked to be focused mainly on lifting. Decided to go for it anyway, and I can honestly say it's one of the best decisions I've ever made!

After a few sessions doing various things we'd worked out that lifting wasn't going to work for me. But instead of having to find a new personal trainer Kathy took up the challenge to step outside her comfort zone and expand her knowledge base. We worked out that a good balance of stretching, mobility exercises and conditioning would help focus towards my goals. Kathy is honestly the best personal trainer I've had, she's actually interested in helping me and will do research in her own time on exercises and movements that will help. As our sessions progress we're both learning new things which is great! Every session is different, there's no set schedule and for me that really works. I don't know what I'm going to be doing that day until I get there. She's made the gym way more enjoyable and I feel I've got my motivation back.

I've been training with Kathy for about 6 months now and the results are evident. The work we've been doing together has started to show in my aerial and pole classes. I'm able to complete moves I previously struggled with. I feel stronger and more focused than ever!

Kathy is such a genuine person and I can't recommend her enough!


Jen had previously had a PT so was no stranger to the gym, however she had never been taught how to lift. Her current goal...hit a 100kg deadlift! This one is strong!

"I started with Kathy just to get myself back into the gym routine but she has helped me to find a new favourite gym hobby - lifting. I achieve something every week that I never imagined I'd be able to do and she actually cares about teaching me, not just showing me how to do it. I am stronger and more confident than ever and I have Kathy to thank for helping me get there!"

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Training with Kathy as my PT has absolutely transformed both my body and my outlook on fitness. She's a brilliant human being and the best coach I could've asked for.

Cynisca Personal Training initially caught my attention when I'd been attending the same gym as Kathy, who'd always been really friendly and open with sharing her vast knowledge of all things fitness.

I was totally new to the gym environment as a whole, and after a few months of very little progress towards my fitness goals, I realised I needed some assistance. I contacted Kathy and I can confidently say it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

The next time I was in the gym, we had an initial consultation in which we took some notes of my current stats, took some photos, and explored my fitness goals. By the next day, Kathy had formulated a 4-day workout plan which took perfect consideration of my time constraints (university studies meant I didn't have loads of time for gym) and what I wanted to get out of going to the gym. I also kindly received links to online tutorials which further explained the details of the type of plan I was on and the correct form for each exercise. This was all explained in simpler terms in person, but it was great to have something detailed that I could look back on afterwards.

The following weeks and months entailed absolutely fantastic sessions with Kathy. Somehow, in the same space of time that I'd usually be in the gym, I'd work harder, improve my form and even have more of a laugh than I usually would do by myself! I started to see significant visible results in around 6 weeks after we started (after some teething issues around my previous diet - we quickly sorted this out by tweaking macros and I'm still eating good food!). I've gone from totally avoiding the weights area out of fear of embarassment, to living for the bench and squat rack. The variety of exercises has been perfect too - from powerlifting moves to calisthenics-based workouts, I've had so much fun learning new things and getting fitter all the while.

For the fee I paid for an hourly session a week, I gained a super-motivational gym buddy, a totally personalised fitness plan and access to an insane amount of knowledge and experience. Incredible value for money. Best of all, I'm so much stronger, more mobile, healthier and more comfortable in my skin that I've ever been before.

Life-changing service and I couldn't recommend it more!


12 week weight loss programme

Amy had hit a plateau in her training and wanted to kick start her weight loss goals and improve her lifting technique

"I have never had a PT as committed to my success as Kathy is. She has tailored a program for me that not only looks at what I do in the gym, but what I do in the kitchen and how I'm recovering. My cardiovascular fitness and strength have improved SO much since working with Kathy, I can't recommend her enough. I gym on my own regularly but she pushes me to my absolute limits and has shown me so many new skills as well as perfecting my form in movements I was already doing. Kathy is THE PT to go to if you want results."

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I've been seeing Kathy for nearly 2 months now. In that time she's been consistently amazing in her training. She's well researched and knowledgeable and pitches her explanations to me at the perfect level, and is very approachable if I want more information.

Her training plans are detailed, dynamic and well thought out, and she's got a fantastic eye for form to make sure I'm training and lifting safely to learn the proper technique. It's a pleasure to work with such a motivated, patient and experienced trainer. I'm recognising major progress towards my goals (which my training plans are focused on) and am really enjoying the process! Can't recommend it more :)



I started training with Kathy because I felt stuck in a rut with my gym routine and under confident. Now after only a few weeks I feel more motivated, learn new things every session and feel stronger than I ever expected.
An amazing coach, who really invests time in working with you, and builds a community with her clients.
My Friday morning sessions are fast becoming the favourite part of my week.



I have to say a huge thanks to Kathy for all her help over the last 8 months with my fitness and training. I am feeling stronger and healthier now at 40 than I did 10 years ago. Her program was custom-made for me and my needs and I can assure you, despite all of my physical limitations (bad back, knee etc) she never failed to come up with challenging and rewarding programs for me every week. Best PT I've had in a long time.


12 week introduction to lifting.

As a complete novice Ali had one simple goal, to be more confident in the weights room

"I was going to the gym pretty consistently before training with Kathy, pretty much relying on classes to get in my gym fix. However, was never confident enough to do my own thing and not quite seeing the results I wanted. Kathy takes your goals and implements a personal plan that always pushes you to perform better, but never makes you uncomfortable. I have definitely seen improvements in muscle definition and overall strength. She is crazy knowledgeable and it's clear that she really invests the time and effort into learning and understanding more - there is little she won't know about when it comes to movement and the body. It's really important to enjoy working with your trainer, compatibility makes or breaks your motivation. Kathy is a great trainer and an even lovelier person, making tough training sessions less painful."



Kathy is the fitness queen! She took me from someone who had relatively no fitness experience, unable to do pull-ups or crunches. Unable to really operate at any heavy weights, and has transformed my mentality, fitness levels and overall happiness within myself. My main achievement being I never thought I could have a chest and now I've got it it makes a complete difference to how my body appears. I love it.

The best thing about her though is she's adaptable, proactive and educated. She's thorough on managing plans and seeing what works for you and what shows results. It's been and continues to be a great selection of training with Kathy and this is representative with other clients as well as myself who have been with her a long time.





Colm' goals are to eliminate chronic pain due to his poor postural alignment, learn how to lift heavy weights and obtain the rugby player physique of his dreams

"Before I started with Kathy I was completely wrecked. Now she has converted me from a wonky walking, slanted standing person to a confident strong individual.
As well as providing very enjoyable, motivating individual training sessions, Kathy brings a level of dedication and an interest in my postural, and technical improvement which I have not encountered before with other coaches.
I look forward with joy to what the next few months of work will bring!"


Ellie started off as a complete novice to the gym and to lifting she also has a few postural alignment issues which we are currently correcting

"Until now I've never really been a huge fan of the gym, always felt a bit self conscious and unsure about what I was doing, but training with Kathy has totally changed the experience for me. She's a fantastic motivator and great at breaking down even the most basic skills so that I can feel confident in what I'm doing and can now set some realistic goals that will push me without causing damage! She takes no nonsense and keeps you working hard but always with a great sense humour! Couldn't ask for a better PT! "




Steve is a Beach Ultimate Great Grand Master - Beach Frisbee to you & I - We have been training in preparation in for the World Championships

"What really impressed me with Kathy is, that before our first session she researched my sport and turned up with a specific programme that was spot on and applicable. As we have worked together, she has developed my programme and introduced me to training techniques and methods that have brought a whole new light to a sport I have played for 30 years! She is intelligent, motivated, dynamic and she is prepared to go the extra mile for you. She is also flexible and has frequently had to change a training session, at the drop of a hat, because my '63 model body changed what it was capable of that day. If you want someone to enhance your training, bring new life to your work out and introduce more confidence to who you are - give her a call! "