Every person has a story to tell. This is mine.

12 years ago I was a heavily overweight 24 yr old working in an office, living on junk food and alcohol. Today I'm almost 37, I'm fitter, stronger and healthier than I have ever been. I have learnt a significant amount over the last decade or so, the most important of all being that it's not really how "healthy" your body looks on the outside but how well it functions on the inside.


2008 - 24yrs old - approximately 12 stone 5lbs or just a shade under 80kg - Dress size 16

2012 - 28yrs old - approximately 8 stone 6lbs 0r 55kg-ish - Dress size 8

Total loss - approx. 4 stone or 25kg - 4 dress sizes


I'd always been an active, outdoorsy type of kid. You would rarely see me without a football or my bike. My mum would be forever trying to get grass stains out of the knees on my jeans and I was guaranteed to always have at least one massive bruise and a scuff or a graze somewhere.

At school I was that kid that loved P.E. I was captain of both the hockey and rounders teams and was massively into martial arts, practicing the discipline of Kyokushinkai.

This all went wrong when I left home at 18. I'd quit sports, gotten myself an office job, I spent endless nights out drinking and days hungover eating fast food. By the time I was 24 I'd reached the picture on the far left.

The moment I saw this picture I was horrified!... It was time to make a change and reclaim my health, my fitness and my body!

It took me about 3.5 yrs to reach the picture on the right. Now you may think that I look amazing in this picture but the truth is I was hugely unhealthy. I slept only 4 hours a night, I did ridiculous amounts of exercise and seriously restricted my food. I thought I looked pretty good BUT I was unhappy and hungry...all the time. Not great for someone that loves to eat!



2019 - 36yrs old - approx. 9 stone 8lbs or 62kg - Dress size 10


As the years have passed and I leave my 24 yr old self far behind me, I carry forward so many lessons, words of wisdom, triumphs and regrets. If there was anything that I could say to my past self it would these two things.

  • Be kind

    Always, always be kind to yourself and to others. DON’T FORGET to be kind to yourself as a priority

  • Be courageous

    Have the courage to pursue your dreams, however big or small they may be always follow your heart and you will always find happiness

The best thing I ever did was follow my passion for health. To be strong and capable gives be so much more everyday than just a body that’s quite nice to look at. It gives be mental strength, self worth, self belief and more confidence than any one human requires. So if you do anything today, be brave and find the courage to make that first step towards your dreams…