One of seven fundamental human movements, squats are something all able bodied humans have the capability to perform.


Arguably, one of the first movement patterns we learn as infants. The ability to squat is something that is lost, by many, over time. As we start school and progress into working life we spend most of our time sitting. This can have detrimental consequences for the health of our bodies.

The human body was never designed to sit in a chair for hours on end. The natural human resting position, not only for our ancestors but many cultures today, is the deep squat.

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Spending hours on end in a chair quite literally "turns off" the muscles of your butt! This means they no longer work properly when you walk, run, jump, stand up, sit down or do anything else for that matter.


That wash board stomach you dream of.. that's in jeopardy too. Your abs, or the abdominal muscles - this includes all the muscles in your torso and not just the ones the make up your 'six pack', are involved in holding you upright. When you sit for extended periods of time they get lazy, switch off and lose strength and tone. Bye bye washboard stomach.


Your hips are the foundation of all of your mail cement patterns. They provide stability and balance. Lack of mobility and strength at the hip can cause serious injury.


Your bones require resistance to drive nutrients into them and promote the development of new bone. Resistance training i.e. weight training has been shown to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Quite simply the squat is a great indication of the health of your joints and flexibility of your muscles. By being sedentary for extended periods of time your body loses its ability to function through its full ranges.


Be more active. Move more every day. Avoid your chair.