Colm Buckley - 1st ever weighted back squats

Todays video shows Colm's first ever weighted barbell back squats.

Due to his alignment issues I have been holding him back from any form of weighted back squats whilst we have been working on realigning his hips and shoulders and working on fixing his side slouch.

He has been making great progress lately and as a result we are now at the stage where we can start to consider adding weight more regularly.

The first set was Colm's first ever attempt at a weighted back squat. With a little pre-set pep talk and a few cues during I pretty much let Colm feel these ones out. There were a number of points to discuss whilst we reviewed the video including his speed and control of the reps, the tightness of his upper back and his breathing and bracing to name just a few. Colm is still also working on his ankle mobility hence the plates under his heels.

Following our review of the first set Colm had a second crack...

The difference between sets is obvious! Second time around he has slowed the reps right down, taking twice as long to complete the set, he is far more aware of where he is losing tension and position during the reps and is just basically far more in control of the bar!

We still have plenty of things to fix with his squat but overall I couldn't be happier with the progress he is making. This is all down to hid dedication to the process. He never trys to progress faster than we appropriate, he completes all of his "homework" tasks outside of our sessions and always applies himself fully during training.