TedTalk Tuesdays

Know your worth, then ask for it

How many of us know our true value?

How many of us actually recognise the value that we add to the world around us - our jobs, our friendships and our relationships?

Today’s TedTalk is that of Casey Brown – a pricing consultant of all things!! Her talk mainly focusses on people that are self-employed knowing the value that their services offer to their clients and setting their rates accordingly.

Although her talk is geared more towards those who run their own businesses, and women in particular, what she is really discussing runs much deeper and is relevant to all of us. She is discussing the ability to recognise your own SELF WORTH and then asking others to recognise it too.

She is promoting SELF ESTEEM, SELF CONFIDENCE and EMPOWERMENT. The word empowerment is often associated with women but I feel this is a very gender neutral term.

Let me explain…

  • If I asked you “Do you feel your employer pays you what you are worth?” I can guarantee the majority of you will say “No!”
  • If I ask you “Does your partner recognise all the little things you do around the house?” I can guarantee the majority of you will say “No!”
  • If I ask you “Do your friends take it for granted that you will always be there to listen to their problems and then forget that you need their support sometimes too?” I can guarantee the majority of you will say “Yes!”

All of these questions are relevant to both genders.

You see knowing your worth doesn’t only come down to monetary gain. Yes, money is an important factor in all of our lives, however the way in which we are treated as a person has a far greater impact on our daily happiness than the balance of our bank account.

Knowing your own self-worth and having the confidence to tell others is critical to a happy mind set.

Knowing your own self-worth gives you the confidence to trust in your own abilities and pursue your endeavours and goals in life.

Knowing your own self-worth helps you to teach others how you expect to be treated which in return will earn you the ability to meet and exceed your full potential.

Knowing your own self-worth leads to SUCCESS!

How does this relate back to you?

If you are struggling to find your self-worth, struggling with self-confidence and self-esteem now is the time to take yourself out of your comfort zone. Do something you have never done before, have faith in yourself, believe and achieve. Every time you accomplish something you never thought you could do your confidence will grow, your self-esteem will grow, YOU WILL GROW.





Choose to achieve

What are your aspirations? What do you yearn to achieve?

Is it Fame? Fortune? Power? Confidence? Enlightenment? A great body? Athletic performance? Hell, it could even be to walk on the moon?!....

This week’s Ted talk is that of Colin O’Brady. In this epic Talk, Colin explains his journey back from a devastating burn accident only to ascend to the 7 tallest mountains and two poles on earth - in world record time. He became the fastest person ever to complete both the Seven Summits (climbing the highest peak on every continent) and the Explorers Grand Slam (the Seven Summits + skiing to the last degree of the North and South Poles). He completed the challenges in 131 and 139 days, respectively. When you listen to his talk you will realise that every possible one of the odds was against him ever walking again never mind completing such a physically gruelling challenge.

How did Colin accomplish such a feat? He got off his ass and chased his goals, unrelentingly. Little by little, step by step, day by day. On the very first day of his journey he picked himself up out of his wheelchair and took just one step. He then repeated this process over and over, taking an extra step or two every time. In time he could walk, then he could jog, after that he could run and before he knew it he was climbing the mountains that would take him to his goal.

This is how progress is made and this is how goals are achieved, little by little, step by step, layering one skill on top of another.


How does this relate to you? 

To quote Colin directly from his Ted talk 

“Maybe right now you’re struggling in your own day to day life, feeling overwhelmed, like it’s just too much; or maybe you have a great idea for a business you want to start or an innovation at your current job but people keep telling you it’s not possible; or maybe you’ve been badly injured in an accident and you’re not sure that you can recover from it. You see tragedy and other great obstacles befall all of us and in these moments our minds are flooded with doubt. We ask ourselves questions like “should I give up?” “Is this even possible?” or “why me?” leading us to a negative mind set; BUT we don’t have to stay there. The only question that we have when facing great obstacles is “How will you respond?” You have a choice and when you shift your mind set towards the positive you will quickly realise that there is a reservoir of untapped potential waiting to be released BY YOU. “

So, what Colin is really saying here is that the power to make a change to your life is solely in your hands. You have the choice to shift your mind set away from the negative and towards the positive. When you do this you will begin to take those daily steps towards your goals, your dreams and your aspirations. You will begin to build your path to life you want to lead. All you have to do is make that choice. 

“Achievement is not for the select few. Achievement is simply for those who never quit. It is for those who set goals. It is for those who put the most steps in front of the other. Achievement is for those that can overcome the greatest obstacle of all, their mind.”

Colin O’Brady