Colm Buckley - 1st ever weighted back squats

Todays video shows Colm's first ever weighted barbell back squats.

Due to his alignment issues I have been holding him back from any form of weighted back squats whilst we have been working on realigning his hips and shoulders and working on fixing his side slouch.

He has been making great progress lately and as a result we are now at the stage where we can start to consider adding weight more regularly.

The first set was Colm's first ever attempt at a weighted back squat. With a little pre-set pep talk and a few cues during I pretty much let Colm feel these ones out. There were a number of points to discuss whilst we reviewed the video including his speed and control of the reps, the tightness of his upper back and his breathing and bracing to name just a few. Colm is still also working on his ankle mobility hence the plates under his heels.

Following our review of the first set Colm had a second crack...

The difference between sets is obvious! Second time around he has slowed the reps right down, taking twice as long to complete the set, he is far more aware of where he is losing tension and position during the reps and is just basically far more in control of the bar!

We still have plenty of things to fix with his squat but overall I couldn't be happier with the progress he is making. This is all down to hid dedication to the process. He never trys to progress faster than we appropriate, he completes all of his "homework" tasks outside of our sessions and always applies himself fully during training.

The Road to Linda

The Road to Linda…

Learning how to be patient, manage my expectations of myself, and focus on the end goal.

I am notoriously impatient and I put a lot of pressure on myself to excel at everything I do, immediately. I drove my coach mad last year – Yes, I too have a coach; with a different goal and a different focus every couple of months. I wanted to be strong, I wanted to be lean, I wanted to be good at gymnastics, I wanted to do CrossFit, and on and on and on….

By the time December 2016 arrived I realised that I hadn’t actually achieved a single one of my goals for the year. Why? Because I wanted it all and I wanted it immediately. I hadn’t given myself time to follow the process, to learn, to grow and to develop as an athlete or as a person. I ended up pretty much right back where I had started at the beginning of the year. Discontented, unfocussed and still stood on the start line.

I needed a goal. Not just any goal but a goal that was so far out of my reach that it would take the best part of 2017 to achieve. I needed a goal that was going to test my every facet…

I chose LINDA…

For those of you that are unfamiliar with CrossFit, Linda is a barbell workout – AKA “The 3 Bars of Death”. The workout consists of 1.5x bodyweight Deadlift, bodyweight Bench press and 0.75x bodyweight Clean. With a rep scheme of 10-1 – Essentially 55reps of each lift, 165reps in total, as fast as possible.


Why this workout?

Because I knew I wasn’t strong enough to complete even 1 rep of the Bench press or the Clean, never mind 55 of each. My coach thought I was crazy! BUT we made an agreement that he would help me train for my goal on the proviso that I was not allowed to change my mind a few weeks in.

This was going to take me a year to train for.  I was going to have to focus on a very structured strength program. Limit the amount of cardio I did and reside myself to the fact that I was going to gain a little weight. For someone that has previously been significantly overweight this was a big deal and was going to be a big challenge.

What did I need to change to reach this goal?

I needed to change my perception of pretty much everything. Training was no longer about the aesthetics of ‘getting lean’ and being able to see my abs for 8 months of the year. It was no longer about being super strict with food, limiting calories or the perpetual daily struggle of ‘what can I eat?’, ‘How big of a portion can I have?’ etc. etc. I now needed to learn how to fuel my body to make it perform and to make it strong. This meant eating food! And eating more food!!! Although this was a scary prospect from an aesthetic perspective actually eating more was not a problem for me!  What was going to be the challenge was eating the right amount of food to fuel my training without falling into the old trap of self-sabotage and self-anilation. I needed to eat more but also eat well.

I made a conscious decision to train to make my body do the things I wanted it to do rather than be concerned with how it looks. I still weigh myself weekly but now with the purpose of checking that I am maintaining a healthy, stable weight and so I can track how my strength is improving in relation to my bodyweight - Weight lifted vs bodyweight is a good indication of strength. The more you can lift at a lighter bodyweight the stronger you are –Physics!

And let’s face it Linda is a workout based on bodyweight so I kinda need to know the numbers!

8.5 months into my training for Linda. Where am I?

I have maintained my body weight for the last 6 months without really paying too much attention to calories in vs calories out. I tend to eat intuitively… if I’m hungry I eat! I eat mostly whole foods and avoid refined sugar

·         I am stronger than I have ever been

·         I no longer view my body as ‘too fat’ or ‘ugly’

·         I am more confident

·         I am more patient

·         I am more focussed

·         I am relentless in my endeavours

I am yet to complete Linda and I’m in no hurry to do so. The results are not taken from end goal but from the journey. By taking the time to allow myself to learn, to grow & to develop, I now know that I can…

·         Complete the workout whenever I choose

·         Apply myself to any goal and achieve it

·         Be patient

·         Be happy with my body and proud of all that it can do

What can you take from this post?

A training goal, like any other goal, takes time to achieve. This is easily forgotten as time passes. A goal is something that you need to work towards as at the time of setting it you don’t yet have the required skill set to achieve it. If you did then it wouldn’t be a goal!! You must allow yourself time to learn and to grow. This will include failures along the way but these are all part of process. A failure is not a negative thing it simply shows you how not to do something, embrace every bump along the road, find the positive and use it to your advantage.

The Golden Rules for success?

·         Never ever give up on your goal

·         Ignore all those that say you can’t  and do it anyway

·         Give yourself a break. Every step is a step forward, only standing still will get you               nowhere

·         Remember it takes time and the more time it takes the sweeter the reward

Know your worth, then ask for it

How many of us know our true value?

How many of us actually recognise the value that we add to the world around us - our jobs, our friendships and our relationships?

Today’s TedTalk is that of Casey Brown – a pricing consultant of all things!! Her talk mainly focusses on people that are self-employed knowing the value that their services offer to their clients and setting their rates accordingly.

Although her talk is geared more towards those who run their own businesses, and women in particular, what she is really discussing runs much deeper and is relevant to all of us. She is discussing the ability to recognise your own SELF WORTH and then asking others to recognise it too.

She is promoting SELF ESTEEM, SELF CONFIDENCE and EMPOWERMENT. The word empowerment is often associated with women but I feel this is a very gender neutral term.

Let me explain…

  • If I asked you “Do you feel your employer pays you what you are worth?” I can guarantee the majority of you will say “No!”
  • If I ask you “Does your partner recognise all the little things you do around the house?” I can guarantee the majority of you will say “No!”
  • If I ask you “Do your friends take it for granted that you will always be there to listen to their problems and then forget that you need their support sometimes too?” I can guarantee the majority of you will say “Yes!”

All of these questions are relevant to both genders.

You see knowing your worth doesn’t only come down to monetary gain. Yes, money is an important factor in all of our lives, however the way in which we are treated as a person has a far greater impact on our daily happiness than the balance of our bank account.

Knowing your own self-worth and having the confidence to tell others is critical to a happy mind set.

Knowing your own self-worth gives you the confidence to trust in your own abilities and pursue your endeavours and goals in life.

Knowing your own self-worth helps you to teach others how you expect to be treated which in return will earn you the ability to meet and exceed your full potential.

Knowing your own self-worth leads to SUCCESS!

How does this relate back to you?

If you are struggling to find your self-worth, struggling with self-confidence and self-esteem now is the time to take yourself out of your comfort zone. Do something you have never done before, have faith in yourself, believe and achieve. Every time you accomplish something you never thought you could do your confidence will grow, your self-esteem will grow, YOU WILL GROW.





Colm Buckley - Let the conditioning commence

Colm & I have been working relentlessly over the last 10 months to get his alignment sorted out in order to relieve a lot of pain he was having, in his knees especially. 

Having reached a point where he is now pain free we are starting to introduce more functional movements into his programming. For me a particular highlight of this session was Colm's ability to perform not just one but FIFTY box jumps. A year ago he could barley perform a step up onto a box without practically falling on his face!!! 

Not only has the realignment of his posture eliminated his pain but it has also greatly reduced the symptoms of his dyspraxia meaning he is no far less clumsy!

Our aim from these sessions is to improve his overall body awareness, speed under fatigue and to help boost his metabolism and kick start his weight loss goals.

Choose to achieve

What are your aspirations? What do you yearn to achieve?

Is it Fame? Fortune? Power? Confidence? Enlightenment? A great body? Athletic performance? Hell, it could even be to walk on the moon?!....

This week’s Ted talk is that of Colin O’Brady. In this epic Talk, Colin explains his journey back from a devastating burn accident only to ascend to the 7 tallest mountains and two poles on earth - in world record time. He became the fastest person ever to complete both the Seven Summits (climbing the highest peak on every continent) and the Explorers Grand Slam (the Seven Summits + skiing to the last degree of the North and South Poles). He completed the challenges in 131 and 139 days, respectively. When you listen to his talk you will realise that every possible one of the odds was against him ever walking again never mind completing such a physically gruelling challenge.

How did Colin accomplish such a feat? He got off his ass and chased his goals, unrelentingly. Little by little, step by step, day by day. On the very first day of his journey he picked himself up out of his wheelchair and took just one step. He then repeated this process over and over, taking an extra step or two every time. In time he could walk, then he could jog, after that he could run and before he knew it he was climbing the mountains that would take him to his goal.

This is how progress is made and this is how goals are achieved, little by little, step by step, layering one skill on top of another.


How does this relate to you? 

To quote Colin directly from his Ted talk 

“Maybe right now you’re struggling in your own day to day life, feeling overwhelmed, like it’s just too much; or maybe you have a great idea for a business you want to start or an innovation at your current job but people keep telling you it’s not possible; or maybe you’ve been badly injured in an accident and you’re not sure that you can recover from it. You see tragedy and other great obstacles befall all of us and in these moments our minds are flooded with doubt. We ask ourselves questions like “should I give up?” “Is this even possible?” or “why me?” leading us to a negative mind set; BUT we don’t have to stay there. The only question that we have when facing great obstacles is “How will you respond?” You have a choice and when you shift your mind set towards the positive you will quickly realise that there is a reservoir of untapped potential waiting to be released BY YOU. “

So, what Colin is really saying here is that the power to make a change to your life is solely in your hands. You have the choice to shift your mind set away from the negative and towards the positive. When you do this you will begin to take those daily steps towards your goals, your dreams and your aspirations. You will begin to build your path to life you want to lead. All you have to do is make that choice. 

“Achievement is not for the select few. Achievement is simply for those who never quit. It is for those who set goals. It is for those who put the most steps in front of the other. Achievement is for those that can overcome the greatest obstacle of all, their mind.”

Colin O’Brady


What do you really give a F*** about?

Not giving a fuck… What’s it all about?

It has nothing to do with not caring about anything and everything to do with caring about only the things that you want and that will add value to your life.

Sarah Knight – The author of The Magical Art of Not Giving A Fuck; amongst other titles, gave a Ted talk on the foundations of her principle of Not Giving a Fuck. In this talk she explains how she breaks her ‘fucks’ into 3 categories, Time, Energy, and Money. She then goes on to explain that generally people are far too quick to give one, or all, of their fucks (Time, Energy or Money) to things that they don’t actually care about or that don’t add any value to their lives.

Her example is the T.V. show, Game of Thrones. She doesn’t give one fuck about it! She will not spend her time watching it, her energy avoiding spoilers or arranging her life around viewing it or her money on the merchandise. SHE DOES NOT GIVE A SINGLE FUCK.

So what on earth does this have to do with you? And why on earth is a PT giving you the outline of this idea?

Here’s why…

Do you give a fuck about your health & wellness?

I hope that everyone reading this has some regard for their health, both in the present and for the future.

What are you doing to safeguard your health?

Do you spend your Time, Energy & Money looking after your body or is it spent on things that in reality you don’t actually give a fuck about? The latest gadgets, the latest trainers, work nights out, leaving gifts, birthday gifts, etc. etc.

I often speak with people considering joining the gym or hiring a Personal Trainer and am often met with a number of excuses as to why they can’t make a commitment. It usually boils to the fucks they give Time, Energy & Money.

The average person wakes up, grabs breakfast on the go, races to work, sits at a desk all day, eats a takeaway meal deal from the supermarket for lunch, when the end of the day arrives they trudge home to thrown something in the oven and sit in front of the T.V. for a few hours before heading to bed, far later than intended, only to repeat the entire process over the next day. Does this sound familiar? Does this sound utterly soul destroying?

You have the power to change the pattern of your life by being more selective about where you give you fucks.  

When you reflect on your week, month, year, what have you accomplished vs what your goals were?

In my experience most people want to be more active, they want to look and feel better, they want to be stronger and faster but they simply spend their Time, Energy and Money on doing things that they really don’t give a fuck about. These things get in the way of doing all the things you really want to do.

How do you make a change?

Take a step back from your life, assess what you really want to spend your fucks on, eliminate the things you don’t refocus all of your fucks on those things that will actually make you a happier, healthier person.

Learn to Not Give A Fuck about the things that aren’t important to you.

Your TIME, ENERGY & MONEY are yours to spend however you choose. Spend them wisely and always ensure you have a return on your investment.