Know your worth, then ask for it

How many of us know our true value?

How many of us actually recognise the value that we add to the world around us - our jobs, our friendships and our relationships?

Today’s TedTalk is that of Casey Brown – a pricing consultant of all things!! Her talk mainly focusses on people that are self-employed knowing the value that their services offer to their clients and setting their rates accordingly.

Although her talk is geared more towards those who run their own businesses, and women in particular, what she is really discussing runs much deeper and is relevant to all of us. She is discussing the ability to recognise your own SELF WORTH and then asking others to recognise it too.

She is promoting SELF ESTEEM, SELF CONFIDENCE and EMPOWERMENT. The word empowerment is often associated with women but I feel this is a very gender neutral term.

Let me explain…

  • If I asked you “Do you feel your employer pays you what you are worth?” I can guarantee the majority of you will say “No!”
  • If I ask you “Does your partner recognise all the little things you do around the house?” I can guarantee the majority of you will say “No!”
  • If I ask you “Do your friends take it for granted that you will always be there to listen to their problems and then forget that you need their support sometimes too?” I can guarantee the majority of you will say “Yes!”

All of these questions are relevant to both genders.

You see knowing your worth doesn’t only come down to monetary gain. Yes, money is an important factor in all of our lives, however the way in which we are treated as a person has a far greater impact on our daily happiness than the balance of our bank account.

Knowing your own self-worth and having the confidence to tell others is critical to a happy mind set.

Knowing your own self-worth gives you the confidence to trust in your own abilities and pursue your endeavours and goals in life.

Knowing your own self-worth helps you to teach others how you expect to be treated which in return will earn you the ability to meet and exceed your full potential.

Knowing your own self-worth leads to SUCCESS!

How does this relate back to you?

If you are struggling to find your self-worth, struggling with self-confidence and self-esteem now is the time to take yourself out of your comfort zone. Do something you have never done before, have faith in yourself, believe and achieve. Every time you accomplish something you never thought you could do your confidence will grow, your self-esteem will grow, YOU WILL GROW.