There's an Elephant in the room...

It's Tuesday again, which means one thing. It's TedTalk time again. 

This week's talk resonated with me on so many levels. Not only because I share my elephant with the speaker, Lyndsey Seewald, but because I try to react to the elephants of others in the way she describes... by Humaning.

Before reading this blog I strongly recommend watching this 12 minute video.

Did you watch the video? No. Go back and watch it!

Lyndsey' talk will initially strike you as just another talk about Gay rights and the LGBT community. This is not the case at all. This talk is about human connection and the ability to human

Each and every one of us has an 'elephant' that we carry around with us every single day.

What is an Elephant?

An elephant is a metaphorical idiom for an obvious problem or risk that no one wants to discuss. 

  • A physical disability or ailment
  • A mental disability or ailment
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Shyness
  • Low self esteem/ self confidence
  • A lifestyle 
  • A belief
  • Financial difficulties
  • ...

The list is endless. The list isn't exclusive. 

Your elephant can be literally anything that makes you feel ashamed and/or vulnerable and ultimately lonely.

Human Connection

Human connection is vital to our emotional regulation and every human seeks that human connection. The fear of the reactions of others is often the cause of us ignoring our elephants. We fear rejection from our peers. We fear their bias's and their fears. This fear itself causes the creation of our elephants. 

For some, their elephant is so overwhelming they completely disconnect from the world, locking themselves into a world of loneliness. 

My Elephant

My elephant is that I am gay.

My elephant is feared by many. It's judged by many. It's rejected by many.

How do I deal with this? I introduce my elephant everywhere I go. It's like my shadow. By making my elephant present I feel free to be myself, those that aren't comfortable with my elephant are free to leave my space. 

Your Elephant

Some of you will deal your elephant as I do mine, some of you will still be trying to ignore yours. 

However you choose to deal with your elephant, that's cool BUT if your elephant is preventing you from doing what you want to do and from being the person you want to be. THAT'S NOT COOL


Cynisca Personal Training isn't your average PT service. Cynisca is about the people we train. It's about embracing the uniqueness of each and every individual, elephants and all. Hell, it's even in our branding!!! 


We seek to create an environment where every single individual is free to be themselves without judgement or prejudice. We embrace the unique traits of every person, we encourage you to explore who you are and discover yourself. Most importantly we seek to learn as much as we teach. 

You can bring your elephant along or you can leave it at home. We really don't care. We just want you to be free to be yourself, to explore the capabilities of your body and mind, in a fun, safe, encouraging learning environment. 

So if you, and your elephant, want to get in shape, learn to lift, and find your confidence, book yourself in for a taster session with us using the link below and we'll show you what we're all about. (please note I bring my elephant to work every day and he would like some friends to play with #justsaying)