What do you really give a F*** about?

Not giving a fuck… What’s it all about?

It has nothing to do with not caring about anything and everything to do with caring about only the things that you want and that will add value to your life.

Sarah Knight – The author of The Magical Art of Not Giving A Fuck; amongst other titles, gave a Ted talk on the foundations of her principle of Not Giving a Fuck. In this talk she explains how she breaks her ‘fucks’ into 3 categories, Time, Energy, and Money. She then goes on to explain that generally people are far too quick to give one, or all, of their fucks (Time, Energy or Money) to things that they don’t actually care about or that don’t add any value to their lives.

Her example is the T.V. show, Game of Thrones. She doesn’t give one fuck about it! She will not spend her time watching it, her energy avoiding spoilers or arranging her life around viewing it or her money on the merchandise. SHE DOES NOT GIVE A SINGLE FUCK.

So what on earth does this have to do with you? And why on earth is a PT giving you the outline of this idea?

Here’s why…

Do you give a fuck about your health & wellness?

I hope that everyone reading this has some regard for their health, both in the present and for the future.

What are you doing to safeguard your health?

Do you spend your Time, Energy & Money looking after your body or is it spent on things that in reality you don’t actually give a fuck about? The latest gadgets, the latest trainers, work nights out, leaving gifts, birthday gifts, etc. etc.

I often speak with people considering joining the gym or hiring a Personal Trainer and am often met with a number of excuses as to why they can’t make a commitment. It usually boils to the fucks they give Time, Energy & Money.

The average person wakes up, grabs breakfast on the go, races to work, sits at a desk all day, eats a takeaway meal deal from the supermarket for lunch, when the end of the day arrives they trudge home to thrown something in the oven and sit in front of the T.V. for a few hours before heading to bed, far later than intended, only to repeat the entire process over the next day. Does this sound familiar? Does this sound utterly soul destroying?

You have the power to change the pattern of your life by being more selective about where you give you fucks.  

When you reflect on your week, month, year, what have you accomplished vs what your goals were?

In my experience most people want to be more active, they want to look and feel better, they want to be stronger and faster but they simply spend their Time, Energy and Money on doing things that they really don’t give a fuck about. These things get in the way of doing all the things you really want to do.

How do you make a change?

Take a step back from your life, assess what you really want to spend your fucks on, eliminate the things you don’t refocus all of your fucks on those things that will actually make you a happier, healthier person.

Learn to Not Give A Fuck about the things that aren’t important to you.

Your TIME, ENERGY & MONEY are yours to spend however you choose. Spend them wisely and always ensure you have a return on your investment.