Colm Buckley - 1st time using the squat rack

This is Colm's first ever time using the squat rack and full size barbell!!

The bar used is a 15kg bar, we have the plates under his heels to help with range and achieving the correct squat depth.

As you can see the movement was a little unsteady but overall we were happy with what we could take away. 

The squat itself is quite a challenging movement for Colm due to his twisted hips and shoulders and the side slouch he also has. 

We are working on getting Colm into a more aligned position, using body weight movements, mobility & activation drills and stretching. He also works closely with an osteopath to help correct his posture  and we are teaching him how to breathe and brace correctly. As his ankle mobility improves we will remove the plates from under his heels.  

BUT look at that happy face!