Colm Buckley - 1st ever full depth squat

This is Colm and this is the first installment of his journey from 'Wonky to Weightlifter'.

When Colm came to me around 9mths ago, in his own words, he was a "wonky walking, slanted standing man". His goals were simple lift up lots of heavy things and sculpt the physique of an athlete.

This, however, was not going to be as easy as it sounded. With an array of postural misalignment's and resulting pain the first job was to get him straightened out.

This video shows his first full depth body weight squat! Yay! We are still working on balance and co-ordination along with improving range of motion, in what is one of the tightest lower legs I've seen! So here we have used plates under his feet to provide a heel lift, this assists in him reaching full depth by changing the joint angle which reduced the amount of dorsi flexion needed at the ankle joint.

We will be sharing various videos of Colm's progress including ways in which we approach realigning him and improving his mobility and flexibility.