Patience: Progress takes time

PATIENCE: PROGRESS TAKES TIME More of a reminder to myself than anything else... I remember the first time I got stuck underneath a bench press. It was about 3.5yrs ago and the weight was 40kg. I didn't even get one rep! 🙈

Today I lifted 8x4 @ 60kg (80% of perceived 1RM) - this video is the 8th set. This follows 55 reps at 52kg yesterday. I've spent the last year specifically working on improving strength in the big 3 lifts - squat, bench, deadlift. And when I say a year I mean a year. My training hasn't really strayed far from the 3 main compound lifts.. Aside from some overhead press here and there.

Its been a long slow process of adding weight bit by bit, week on week, month on month. It often feels like i'm making absolutely no progress at all. Then I look back at old videos or old training logs and the progress jumps out and smacks me in the face!!

The beauty of progressing in this fashion is that I know my body, I know my capabilities, I've been able to dial in my technique and most importantly of all I HAVE NEVER SUSTAINED AN INJURY. **touches wood! ** Injury prevention is critical to progress.

If you're injured you can't lift and if you can't lift you can't progress. Take your time, learn to move well and learn to understand how to listen to your body.

Progress will come. Give it time. My long term goal is a 100kg bench press. I'm around 25-30kg away but I know if I apply a slow and steady method I will get there.