Colm Buckley - Overhead Press PB


There are many reasons why I love my job. Despite the fact that the hours can be antisocial and the days can be long people like Colm and moments like this make it all worth while.

This is a 40kg overhead press which is a PB lift for Colm. It's not a perfect lift by any means but you can see he has plenty more gas in the tank.

This is a big milestone for Colm, not only does it cement all the hard work he has been putting in to get his posture back into alignment but it also demonstrates an enormous increase in confidence.

This lift is a little shakey but if I'd asked Colm to lift this a few weeks ago he'd have laughed in my face! It's not that he isn't strong enough physically but mentally he didn't believe he could.

Personal training is not only about building a persons physical strength but also their mental strength. When I watch my clients progress towards and smash their goals it fills me with happiness but when I see them become stronger humans in their everyday lives, that's what really fills me with joy.