The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong

As much as this woman sounds like Daria… you all remember Daria right?? Her talk is both captivating and very moving.

The premise of today’s talk is mental strength and how to become mentally strong. We all have a number of bad mental habits and unhealthy beliefs that which we hold on to that actually sabotage our mental strength.

1.       Unhealthy beliefs about ourselves

2.       Unhealthy beliefs about others – why do we give away our power? As an adult there are very few things that we HAVE to do. Everything has a consequence but we still have a choice

3.       Unhealthy beliefs about the world – The world doesn’t actually owe you anything.

Let Amy Torrin take you on a journey through a small portion of her life and reflect upon her approach to dealing with a series of tragedies that occurred over a relatively short space of time.

Amy complied a list of things that mentally strong people do. She came up with 18.


Amy will challenge your negative behaviors and thought processes. She will invite you to consider your bad mental habits and your unhealthy beliefs that are holding you back and tomake a decision as to what small step you can take today to change your future for the better.