The Body Revolution We Need: Function Over Form

The title of this weeks blog is taken directly from this weeks TedTalk. 

This weeks talk is delivered by Tiffany Stewart and in it she discusses everything that we here at Cynisca Personal Training strive for. Function over Form. It's really all about what your body can do rather than how it looks. 

If you're considering starting at the gym but feel you need to 'lose a bit of weight' first, if you already go to the gym but constantly feel the pressure to look a certain way, or if you struggle with your own body image and self perception then this talk is an ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH. 

If I was to write down all of the points of this talk that really resonated with me then I would essentially have a transcript so rather than do that I will pull one quote that really stood out for me and encourage you to watch this talk from start to finish. 

Health behaviour is often not really healthy behaviour. It’s appearance driven behaviour disguised as healthy behaviour.