Jen Beattie

As a pole dancer and aerialist, maintaining strength and flexibility is a must. I used to head to the gym 3 times a week but after majorly losing motivation I decided to seek out a personal trainer to help with my pole fitness goals and flexibility.

Previous personal trainers I've had have come across as disinterested and we'd end up just following a set schedule each week, very boring! I'd heard really good things about Kathy through the grapevine and decided to ping her a message. Initially I was interested in calisthenics and body weight exercises as it looked like it could really help with pole and aerial classes, however Kathy looked to be focused mainly on lifting. Decided to go for it anyway, and I can honestly say it's one of the best decisions I've ever made!

After a few sessions doing various things we'd worked out that lifting wasn't going to work for me. But instead of having to find a new personal trainer Kathy took up the challenge to step outside her comfort zone and expand her knowledge base. We worked out that a good balance of stretching, mobility exercises and conditioning would help focus towards my goals. Kathy is honestly the best personal trainer I've had, she's actually interested in helping me and will do research in her own time on exercises and movements that will help. As our sessions progress we're both learning new things which is great! Every session is different, there's no set schedule and for me that really works. I don't know what I'm going to be doing that day until I get there. She's made the gym way more enjoyable and I feel I've got my motivation back.

I've been training with Kathy for about 6 months now and the results are evident. The work we've been doing together has started to show in my aerial and pole classes. I'm able to complete moves I previously struggled with. I feel stronger and more focused than ever!

Kathy is such a genuine person and I can't recommend her enough!