Beth Jones

After nearly a year training with Kathy I think I’m in the shape of my life. I feel healthier, much more comfortable in my own body and so much fitter!

I’m doing sets of full press ups and have been trying out things I never expected to do before.

Her focus and her attention has not only made me stronger but with much better posture – regular back pain is so much better and I stand prouder and straighter than ever.

I’m also really surprised and pleased with how my physique is changing – I’m leaner than I’ve been in my adult life and really enjoying the confidence this is bringing me.

The regular checking in on my goals to make sure I keep meeting them and doing workouts that interest and challenge me means I’m pushing myself and achieving things I really didn’t think I could.

I enjoy working with Kathy so much that I’ve made it a real priority in my life and feel so much better for it. She’s patient, knowledgeable (and always learning more!) and puts her money where her mouth is and doesn’t ask you to do anything she doesn’t do herself. I’m motivated to keep working out in this safe, friendly atmosphere and I look forward to seeing what other goals I smash in the next few months!