what is it and is it for me?


Personal Training is an investment in both yourself and your goals. It's having someone to learn from, to encourage you and to hold you accountable for your actions towards progress

It's having that person to push you a little harder than you'd push yourself and help you achieve things you never thought possible


Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • You are new to the gym and want a guiding hand

  • You are stuck in a rut with your training

  • You want to learn new skills

  • You are training for a competition or event and need a coach

  • You just lack the motivation to push yourself

  • You want to achieve more than just weight loss

If any of these sound like you then Personal Training could be for you


  • A minimum of 1x 60minute 1-2-1 PT session every week

  • A bespoke training programme designed to suit your goals and skill level

  • Nutritional advice and guidance

  • Education. You will learn everything you need to know to train without a coach

  • Access to a private members group

  • Email and text support

  • A coach dedicated to continued professional development